Who doesn’t like options? Just like any other product category, several vacuum cleaners are being introduced in the market. But, there are numerous questions revolving around the types of vacuum cleaner to pick the best fit for the place.

Every type of vacuum cleaner is unique and can perform different functions. So, does that mean you should own one in every category? Of course NOT! Our team has brainstormed, analyzed, and reviewed various vacuum cleaners in the market to date and made this list for you. So, you can find the best vacuum cleaner for your home or place.

The prominent few types that earned a good name among the users are as follows, (in no particular order)

  1. Upright Vacuum
  2. Canister Vacuum
  3. Stick Vacuum
  4. Handheld Vacuum
  5. Robotic Vacuum

So, let’s get into detail about each one of them. Every Vacuum is efficient and multi-functional but picking the right one depending on your necessity is the key and we’ll help you out here.

1.  Upright Vacuum:

The God-father of all vacuum cleaners

Yes, you wouldn’t have lived in the technology influenced era without coming across this beast of vacuum! The Upright vacuum is the oldest and thriving vacuum cleaner model out there. They are easy to use; They can be used on both bare and carpeted floors.

You can clean in back and forth movement and they are super fun to use. So, no wonder why the Upright vacuum is the most loved by people around the globe.

They offer powerful suction that no debris or dirt is left behind. A perfect fit for carpeted houses.

However, with so many compact and noiseless vacuum cleaners and pumps being introduced, they take a backseat in the now. Only the heaviness of this bagged model to be blamed.

Not gonna lie, we all loved you once!

2. Canister Vacuum:

The Hulk Of Vacuum Fam

Most of the canister vacuums are bagged and that makes them the Hulk of the fam. The canister vacuum cleaner without the bag looks slender. It almost resembles the stick vacuum without the bag attached. Canister vacuum cleaners are powerful and reassure the cleanest floor possible. The only vacuum to satisfy the cleaning freak in you is this vacuum cleaner heavy duty.

However, Canister vacuums are tricky to clean the larger areas. Dragging the bagged vacuum to different rooms or stairs is nothing but a day at the gym. You gotta hustle and sweat as you do during the arm day. They take up a lot of space counting all the attachments coming along.

Also, before you lose your heart to them, they are on the slightly pricey side. These vacuum cleaners aren’t SUPER expensive but many of us wouldn’t want to spend extra dollars on this beast.

If you want to stick to the basics and can afford the heap of money it demands, this is the best buy for you!

3. Stick Vacuum:

Thin And Powerful

Stick vacuum cleaner is a bae for all the I’ve-got-no-time-to-clean type of people. They almost look similar to the broom or spray mop but can clean out the carpeted areas. Stick vacuum cleaners can fit perfectly under your staircase or hide behind the carpet. Most of the stick vacuums come with a rotating brush and light suction cup for easy cleaning.

Since they are thin, they can be used to clean the closets perfectly. Most of the other vacuum cleaners cannot get in there as easily as stick vacuum cleaners do.

Pertaining to the lightweight, stick vacuum cleaners are not rigid performers. They can clean quickly but not very effectively. If you’re up for many quick fixes and cleaning the regular spills, then a stick vacuum is the perfect fit for you.

4. Handheld Vacuum:

The charm of the Vacuum Fam

The handheld vacuum cleaner is the most sought-after one of all. They are easy to use and have multiple benefits. The handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for carpeted and non-carpeted floors. Many new designs are being introduced in the market.

A major discomfort of this type was them without a long handle. This resulted in straining our backs but the innovative design of this decade is the game-changer. The handheld vacuum cleaners are available with detachable handles. So, if you wish to use it as a handheld vacuum, you can detach the long handle. But if you opt for comfort, then go in with the handle.

Do you know that the innovative vacuum cleaner of this type can purify up to 99.7%? Yes, that’s how it is done! They make your place free of any speck of dirt.

Also, they come with one or more heads for more effective cleaning. So, you can clean the living room, kitchen spaces, bedroom, closets, and even garage with a single piece of vacuum in hand.

So, if you are someone who loves to get things clean in a jiffy, loves to keep it less noisy, and wants to own a vacuum that fits anywhere in your place, then a handheld vacuum cleaner with detachable handle would be your perfect mate!

5. Robotic Vacuum:

That Cool Kid Who Outsmarts Everyone

The subtitle can’t be truer than this! If you imagine all the vacuum cleaners as the members of the family, the robotic vacuum cleaner is the cool kid, that’s super annoying to all other family members. Yes, they can save you more time in cleaning the house yet, should be pre-programmed.

That’s not just the device but also the house before you set out the vacuum robot, the cleaning spree. The robotic vacuum cleaner can become inefficient if there are too many obstacles on the way.

Anything that reduces the time and efforts of human beings will come at a higher price. This robotic vacuum is not an exception. Most of the models are too pricey to even consider.

However, robotic vacuum cleaners are not most well-suited for all types of houses.

So, to sum up the entire blog post, it’s all about finding the best pair for you in town. But, finding the right one takes many strategic steps and we tried to present them to you (So, you don’t have to)

Now that you know the pros and cons of each vacuum cleaner type, we are adding the most commonly sought after parameters to consider before buying;

  1. The frequency of your cleaning routine.
  2. The size of your place(house or office).
  3. The kind of furniture or carpets you use.
  4. Your muscle power 😛

Tell us which one you’re gonna buy and why?