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A home is more than just a collection of beautiful or functional objects – it’s the place where
life happens.


Our Story

It’s the place where we create the stories that define us. Some cheerful, some sad, some inspiring, some playful. It’s the place where we build a world of our own with people, some chosen, some given. It’s the place where we understand the realities of life, some heart warming, some heart breaking. It’s a place filled with everything that would ever matter in this life – memories.

Aiden’s range of home & kitchen appliances are designed to make sure you enjoy every single day in our home to its fullest. Smart, easy to use, thoughtfully designed Blenders, Vacuum cleaners, OTGs, Kettles, Choppers, Toasters, Sandwich makers & more will make us experience life at its best. 


It’s a wonderful life

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Created by people who love life

A home filled with smart, easy to use, stylish appliances thoughtfully designed with a singular vision to let you enjoy every single day of your life to its fullest.

Every single Aiden product goes through the toughest of tests before it reaches your home. Done by a passionate homemaker just like you. Because we believe if we were to create a brand that will make a home fulfilling it has to walk the talk and meet the real challenges of everyday life.

The founders of Aiden come from two diverse backgrounds: Marketing & Logistics.
But they are connected by one singular thought:
To create a global home appliances brand from Malaysia catering to the growing needs of the modern consumer with emphasis on quality & service.

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