Cleaning or decluttering your room is not as easy as these two words sound! It takes a lot of strength and we know it. We need to spend a lot of time and sacrifice a weekend to clean our home. Oh, wait! That has become the thing of the past.

If you’re not one of the dust pokes out there, who doesn’t like to get your hands dirty (in a literal sense here), we are here to tell you why you should switch to be a mop lantai person right now.

Here are five reasons why you should switch to a spray mop

1. To save your time
2. To are multi-functional
3. To are convenient to use
4. They have a non-dusty formula
5. And to save water.

You read them right! Just a small shift in your routine and work process can do good to you and this world too.

So, let’s jump to these 5 reasons that will tell you what you have been doing wrong these days.

1. Make Floors Clean In Minutes:

We know that Malaysians just love to be clean! However, it consumes more time to clean your space all by yourself. You might live in a single room or have a luxurious villa at the beachside, all you would love is the squeaky clean place to dwell in. Are you with us in this?
If you’re, then switching to a mop will make your cleaning routine easy. This will not eat up your time.

Some mop lantai in the markets are designed to make the cleaning process quicker. Mop lantai serbaguna in this decade have come with long handles that root for the quickest cleaning.

2. A Multi-functional Tool You Can’t-Miss Out On:

No matter how dedicated you’re to clean your room or entire house every weekend or Thursday;
No matter how many cleaning routine calendars you make;
You will make an “ugh” face when it comes to double cleanse your floors. Haha, double cleaning is nothing but dry and wet cleaning! There are many mop pads and mop sets available in the market that can sweep and then clean your floor.

No “Arghhhhh” and energy depriving tasks anymore but only a “Double-cleansed” clean environment. (How about giving this cleansing routine to your floor as well ?)

So, you needn’t reach out to different clothes for cleaning while you can get a spray mop that does all of this for you!

3. Convenience Is Their Pseudo Name:

The water spray mop or mop lantai serbaguna is super convenient. People would not even think about going back to traditional cleaning after experiencing the convenience these spray mops offer. Some spray floor mops come with extendable handles that you needn’t strain your back while cleaning.

Secondly, spray mop variants are the most sought after one nowadays, as they come with a flexible rotatable head. You needn’t get multiple washcloths to clean your kitchen, living room, or bedroom spaces.

Also, the trending spray mops come with a washable microfiber cloth. So, cleaning the mop after cleaning your entire house is not a tedious task.

Remember, anything that demands less time from you is a worthy tool because it is ultimately designed to make your life easier.

4. Keeping All The Dust Away:

One of the second most notable benefits of using a spray mop is that it will keep you away from all the dust particles. Mop lantai will let you sweep the floor first. The washable microfibre spray mops help you in maintaining a clean environment.
We can’t reiterate how important it is to double cleanse our home as much as we do to our skin. The process of double cleansing your house is nothing but cleaning it with a microfiber cloth at first; Then, spray water and wet clean the surface.

Such spray mops can clean floors and furniture without taking much effort.
Pssst.. Who would spend a heap of time on cleaning our houses?

5. Saves Water:

In today’s world, there are so many species becoming extinct every single day. Heartbreakingly, if we don’t act at the right moment, there will be a day where water will become extinct. So, a small contribution from the human community will hail this ecosystem.
It could be turning off the water tap while you’re brushing or taking a shower; It could be fixing or replacing a tap that has dripping water all the time. It’s about making a small step by every single person dwelling under the sun.
So, in our opinion, the introduction of spray bottles in households, sprinkler systems in irrigation and gardening has become more valuable.
The engineering behind a water spray mop is amazing in that it consumes less water.

To save water is to mindfully use it. The Malaysian government is rooting for various policies and has implemented new laws in the water and sanitation sector. However, the little effort from every household in the country can back up the cause.

So, shifting to such practices can help us save water.


So, here’s a quick recap to refresh whatever you read in this blog. In a nutshell, shifting to a mop lantai or a spray mop is not only beneficial for you but also helps you in saving the already scaringly depleting water resources.
However, as humans, we are used to considering what helps us in the present. So, we got you covered to solve the momentary problems too.

With a spray mop, you can dry and wet clean your floors; dry clean the furniture or electronic appliances, or even ceilings. But make sure you shop for a long-handled mop lantai that’s convenient to use.