This is not just another blog post that differentiates a blender and a juicer. There are plenty of juice blenders, but they have overlooked one of the most important functionality that sets these two apart.
A juice blender gives you a healthy smoothie but a portable blender helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.

It often boils down to the little things in life that make an enormous change in health and this blog post will list the real reasons to become a “Portable blender person”.

We will also help you dive into the pool of differences between a juicer and a blender. Well, they are all juice blenders, yet different!

So, read these five reasons and you’ll know why many people are carrying a portable blender in 2021.

Are you one of them? Great!!
If not, you will understand why you should buy one too!

1. With Blenders, You Can Drink A Fruit:

Yes, you heard that right! Many doctors have recommended this; “Eat fruits; Don’t drink them”. But do we have enough time for that? So, why not blend them?

This is one of the most obvious reasons why people choose blenders juice over juicers. Fruit Juicers take out the fiber and other nutrients from the fruits. This process helps juicers to give you mouth-watering juice out of every fruit. They are tasty and appetizing but aren’t healthy.
They take out the important essence of fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, fruit blenders give you wholesome nutrients present in the fruits and veggies. Smoothie blenders don’t separate the fibers and pulp from the fruits or vegetables but instead “blend” them all together. This packs all the nutrients of bananas, apples, strawberries, and anything you put into a single glass of smoothie.

Ever noticed how a glass of smoothie in the morning keeps your stomach full? Well, you would’ve used a blender that morning.

And this is how a blender juice wins over a juicer mixer in providing wholesome food and creamy smoothies.

2. Take Blenders Wherever You Go:

Not just that, but a blender has more benefits to it when they have added the portable functionality to it!

You will know how here.

Do you know why people buy aerated beverages outside? Why do we stop by a beverage point and drink juices? Or why do we buy packaged water bottles outside?

Ever wondered why? We’ll tell you.

We drink water/juices/beverages from outside because we seldom carry bottles or juices with us. A small change in lifestyle can make our diet a healthy one. This is a small yet effective shift we were talking about!

The portable blenders come with a USB port and can be charged anywhere at any time!
You can charge them in your car, laptop, or even phones while you are running late. So, next time you head out to your office or gym, just grab some fruits and a blender.
Once you feel like drinking something, just put all the sliced fruits and add some water or milk, according to your taste and drink!

Hola! Juice at any time as you wish.

Not just that, but MORE!

These portable blenders are available in 3000 to 4000 mAh battery capacity that you needn’t charge them often. They also come with a bottle and cap for a mess-free drinking party. So, you needn’t carry multiple bottles or glasses, to have your smoothie at any time. Portable mini blenders are saviors!
When we say mess-free, we double stress on it. The lids are spill-proof that you needn’t worry about spilling and traces that leave behind.

Though it can multitask like a pro, a very small lace is needed for this. Portable blenders are super handy and can fit in your handbags, office bags, and gym bags. They don’t take much space.

Sounds fair, right?

3. An Electric Blender Can Do More:

Every blender is a juicer but a juicer is not a blender! Confused? Read along to see the most important benefit of this.

You can make healthy smoothies, cheat day milkshakes, sauces as side dishes, and even baby foods with juice blenders. These blenders are versatile and help people of all ages.

Dear new parents, these juice blenders are your best friends. You needn’t worry about packing multiple bottles of food for your child but can prepare them freshly. So, just pack some baby food ingredients on your next road trip and blenders too.

A portable blender is one of the must-haves of the baby trove you carry with you everywhere. You can either make juices for yourself and also baby foods for your little ones.

P.S: They will save you from surprise moments of hunger for your little ones.

4. Not Heavy On Your Pockets:

One of the million reasons for choosing a blender over a juicer is this. You needn’t burn a lot of money on a single product that sits on your kitchen shelf all year-round.
A portable blender will accompany you no matter where you go and is under your budget too.

You perhaps can buy 3 portable blenders at the cost of one juicer! You do the math, by the way.

Buying a blender that can quench your thirst and also feeds you fully could be a clever chance to do. Ummm, what are you thinking?

5. Blender Bottles Are Super Convenient:

Blenders are versatile, handy, and do not expect more work from you. A juicer needs to be installed and set up together before you can taste an ounce of juice. Also, you need to clean the blades, pusher, and every other part of it.
A juicer demands so much, ugh!

Whereas a juice blender doesn’t require so much work from you.
It comes with a bottle and cap for easy storage, stainless steel blades on the inside and a handy strap for convenient fetching, and of course a USB port for charging.

Comparatively, they are easy to use and the yummiest smoothie or milkshake is just a few clicks away.

To Sum It Up:

In 2020, our generation has seen a tremendous shift in lifestyle, and the word “unprecedented” has been used an unprecedented amount of times.
The pandemic has taught us so many things and one of the most important aspects is “Being mindful of everything we do”. Every little action will impact many things.

For an instance, if you carry a blender and some fruits or veggies with you all the time, you needn’t buy aerated drinks outside. When you stop drinking packaged beverages, your metabolism will thank you!

See? A small change in your routine, an addition to your bag can largely enhance your health.

So, to sum it up,

With portable blenders, you can,
● Consume wholesome food
● Carry them everywhere
● Make more than juices (milkshakes, baby food, and much more)
● Save more money

Tell us your reasons for sticking to or buying a new portable blender in the comments below. We’d love to know:)